• An app that unlike other todo apps

    PushTO.DO change the way to create your todo list. Unlike others, PushTO.DO allow your friend push a TODO to you instead create it by yourself.

  • An awesome that is really awesome.

    Obviously, PushTO.DO has many advantages. In our daily life, there are many things you should remember to do, most of them are your friend, families or workmates want you to remember to do. So, we create PushTO.DO, the TODO pushed by your friends will automatically set a notification, the notification can remind you at the certain time which set by your friends. It saves your valuable time from the TODO setting.

  • You really need this app and it's FREE

    With the help of PushTO.DO you will not forget to set a notification, because they push it to you. If you want your friends,families or workmates to remember to do something, just push a TODO to them.

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Easy to send


Easy to use and set


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    I was super excited about this app when I saw the previews and it did not fail to live up to my expectations. Unlike the others todo app, this one is really particular and useful.

    Awesome PushTO.DO

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